Feng Shui Q & A

House Energy Analysis

Harmony & Balance Living Environment

Energy Enhance Remedies

Buying a house is the most valuable investment in one's life, why don't you have a professional Feng Shui consultant to make sure this is the right purchase decision?

Q1 :What Is Feng Shui?


A method of living in harmony with the Earth's environment for health, wealth, and happiness.

Feng Shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces according 5 elements principle ( Wood, Fire, Earth ,Metal and Water) in order to create balance in your living environment .

The goal is to analyze the energy around your house or working place to strengthen the good Qi and minimize the negative energy.

Q2:Why do you need Eric Wang as your Feng Shui consultant?


Eric Wang is an experienced Feng Shui consultant. He has written and published "Easy Steps to Feng Shui" (Chinese version, published in Taiwan in 2020). His second book "Easy Steps to Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui" is going to be published soon.

Eric specializes in "Flying Stars Feng Shui Style". Having an examination of your house or working place, he will offer your Feng Shui report, which guides you how to attract good Qi to live in a holistic approach to health, wealth, and happiness, and the remedies to minimize negative energy.