Negative energy and Remedies

Front door stairs too high will cause money leaking.


1.Put the mat in front of front door.

2. Put the plants beside the door to slow down the energy leaking.

Steep drive way on Dragon side will cause the money leaking and effect the husbands' health.


Plant the medium size trees to slow down the leaking energy.

It's too low on house Dragon side ,will cause the energy imbalance, especially effect husband's health and position at home or working environment.


Plant medium size trees at Dragon side to balance energy.

Sharp corner cut door's Dragon's side will effect husband's health.


Make sharp corner to be round shape to minimize the harm.

No solid wall behind the sofa will cause lack of support in the life.


1.Relocate the sofa to against the solid wall.

2.Put the heavy curtain behind the sofa.

Sofa on the moving line will block the energy flow.


Relocate the sofa .

Bed headboard approaches the bathroom will effect the sleep quality.


Relocate the bed.

Clutter on stair's corner will block the energy.



Toilet vent pipe in front of window will cause the bad luck.


Close this side curtain and better don't open.

Wealth corner is too short will cause cannot gather money.


1.Put the heavy curtain on this corner.

2.Put the salt lamp or medium plant on this corner.

Wealth storage can help the wealth gathering.


1.Keep storage tidy and neat.

2.Turn on the light to enhance the energy.

Salt lamp can enhance the fire and earth energy, and can help to gather energy on wealth corner.

But don't put at Yearly #2 Flying Star and #5 Flying Star sections, will cause the health and unfortune issue happen.

Call Your Feng Shui Consultant Eric to sort out the negative energy in your house, office or shop.

Life is too short to be stuck in bad Feng Shui .